Getting Started With Get.Ship.Done.

We're often asked "How do I get started with Get.Ship.Done.?" First thing we'd like to do is make sure we're the best fit for your specific needs. Which of our services do you potentially need?

  • Order Fulfillment Only
  • Print Materials and Fulfill Individual Orders
  • Print Materials and Send to Me
  • CD or DVD Duplication
  • Storage of My Products

Need to chat sooner rather than later? Just give us a call at 812-877-7100 anytime Monday through Friday between 9 am EST and 5 pm EST.

Assuming we're a good match, Step 1 is to sign up for a new account right here on this site. Just click on the "Getting Started" tab on the top menu to get things going. You'll need to decide if your want to be a Tier 1 or a Tier 2 client of ours. You'll find full descriptions of the benefits of each level in Section 2 of our Terms of Service.

If your needs include printing of materials for you such as workbooks, manuals, CDs or DVDs, home study courses, booklets, etc. then we'll have some specific questions we'll need answered in order to get you a quote for producing your materials.

You can expect questions like:

  • Does your product contain CDs or DVDs? If yes, how many of each and how do you want them packaged?
  • Is there a print component to your product? If yes, how many pages, single or double-sided printing, full-color or black and white, binding method preferred, etc.?
  • Any ancillary materials such as a Quick Start Guide or other items you plan to provide for inclusion in your finished product?

If the numbers look good we'll want to prepare a single unit of your product first to make sure it's exactly what you want. You'll need to provide the print files, master discs, etc. to us.

If your needs are for order fulfillment only you'll send us your books, supplements or other products to us a Get.Ship.Done., 2001 N. Hunt Street, Terre Haute, IN  47805. We'll work with you to set up an integration method so we receive new order information whenever your customer places an order for your product(s).

That's it! Have other questions? Don't hesitate to reach out via email at or phone 812-877-7100.