We Want to Warmly Welcome You to the Get.Ship.Done. Community!

Thank you so much for signing up for your new account with Get.Ship.Done. Order fulfillment can be a hassle for entrepreneurs so we're delighted to be able to help you with this so you can focus on more important things.

So, what's next?

We'll be reaching out to you via phone usually within one business day to discuss your specific needs. But here are the important steps that we'll cover with you.

     Step #1 - The first step is to signup online for your account with Get.Ship.Done.  COMPLETE

     Step #2 - Let us know whether you want to be a Tier 1 or a Tier 2 client of ours.

     Step #3 - Put an integration in place between your ecommerce system and our backend system.

     Step #4 - Ship us your products.

If you are shipping us products please ship them to:

2001 N. Hunt Street
Terre Haute, IN  47805
Attn.: (YOUR NAME)

Please do let us know what quantity we should expect to receive so we can verify the counts once things arrive at our warehouse.

We look forward to talking with you shortly and getting things moving ahead!